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Youth Sunday

The Youth took over service – starting with worship and ending with testimonials from their recent camping trip. Includes a brief recap video of that time in VT.


The Battlefield

Dr. Merrie Kaye shares about her dad’s common phrase “This too shall past” and how it applies to the battles we face. Using scripture, she shows how are battles are not against one another, but are spiritual and the battlefield is in our minds. She goes on to describe the …


Annual Meeting 2021

In our first ever online Annual Church Meeting, Pastor Josh kicks it off with an announcement of a new Treasurer, Mike Disibio, who then talked about the financials from 2020.


The Holy Spirit – part 1

Pastor Tim begins a new series about the Holy Spirit.

We’ve all heard of GPS – and how we use it to navigate the earth….  but what about SPG – Spirit Promised Guidance?   We should be looking to God to help us navigate the daily walk of our lives – and He leads us by the Holy Spirit.


Christ in the Passover (2017)

Pastor Joe and Merrie Kaye walk through the traditional Jewish Seder – Passover Meal – describing the elements in depth and explaining how thousands of years before, God was already telling the story of redemption through His son Jesus.