Spirit Filled

We note from the Scripture that Jesus did not begin His public ministry until after His baptism by John in the Jordan. He did not go about Galilee “teaching, preaching and healing” until after the Holy Spirit came upon Him at His baptism in Jordan. When the time came for Jesus to leave this earth and return to the Father, He told His disciples that before they embarked on the commission He was calling them to, they were to first “wait for the promise of the Father” (the Holy Spirit) of which He had told them. When the Spirit baptized them, they would be empowered and witness of Jesus to the ends of the earth. As disciples of Jesus we must be filled with His Spirit to carry out His commission.

Spirit Formed

The Holy Spirit always glorifies Jesus and He works through us to bear witness of Jesus. However, the Spirit of God also works on us to change us into the image of Jesus! As soon as we receive Jesus in our hearts the Holy Spirit begins His transforming work of changing us into the image of Christ because we have been predestined to be by God to be conformed into the image of His own Son. We must offer ourselves to the Father, turn away from the pattern of this world, and be transformed by renewing our minds with His Word. As we behold Him, we are progressively changed into His image by the Holy Spirit.

Spirit Placed

Jesus did not just walk around saying and doing amazing things. In fact, Jesus said He only did what He saw His Father doing and spoke what the Father told Him to say. Paul tells us by the Holy Spirit that all those who are in Christ Jesus are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do the good works that He has already prepared for us to do. It is wonderfully assuring to know that the Father has already prepared me for what He wants me to do and has prepared the place I am to do it in! We want to be at the right place at the right time doing the right thing to honor the One we love.