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Arise, Shine – Nothing is Hidden

Using passages from Isaiah 60 and Luke 8:16-21, Pastor Josh highlights how we as Christians are not to hide the secret of Jesus, but rather to share that Light with those around us – especially as the world gets covered in darkness. — A timely message in these crazy times!

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Draw Near, Hold Fast, Gather Together

In Hebrews 10:19-25, the author says ‘let us draw near, let us hold fast and let us gather together’.  With boldness, we can come in to the presence of the Living God — because of the blood of Jesus, we are welcome in His presence!  To avoid drifting in our spiritual walk, we need to be anchored to Jesus and His Word. As we gather, we should be considering others – to excite, provoke one another to do good works!

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Glory to Glory

Pastor Christine looks at Elijah’s challenge on Mount Carmel – specifically his line in the sand, calling the Israelites (and us) to stop limping between opinions.  From 2 Corinthians, she then describes how we are transformed by Jesus’ image from glory to glory.

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