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Advent 2020 Sermon

Joy (and a Testimony)

Kevin Dutra shares several powerful testimonies of God’s hand delivering him from drugs, gangs, and death! Then Pastor Josh used 1 Peter 1:3-9 to speak on the Advent topic of Joy.

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The Holy Spirit – part 1

Pastor Tim begins a new series about the Holy Spirit.

We’ve all heard of GPS – and how we use it to navigate the earth….  but what about SPG – Spirit Promised Guidance?   We should be looking to God to help us navigate the daily walk of our lives – and He leads us by the Holy Spirit.


Christ in the Passover (2017)

Pastor Joe and Merrie Kaye walk through the traditional Jewish Seder – Passover Meal – describing the elements in depth and explaining how thousands of years before, God was already telling the story of redemption through His son Jesus.