Next Steps

So you're ready to dive in, get connected, and start serving? Great!

Saying Yes To Jesus

Jesus came to provide the way for all of us to connect again to God our Father. Though it came at great personal cost, He loves us so much He willing paid it and offers this life to us as free gift. The only requirement is that we believe and surrender our life to Him.

Get Baptized

Jesus was baptized because His Father wanted Him to be baptized. One of the first things we should do after Saying Yes To Jesus is be baptized as He told us to. Baptism signals our death to the things of this world and our resurrected life in Jesus. It also serves as a testimony to the world by outwardly declaring an inward change.

Become A Member

We consider membership very important; it is extended family life. It is not about joining a group or club. It is about covenanting with others in love to walk out the commission Jesus has given us as a local expression.


Start making closer, more meaningful connections.



Read The Word of God

We are reading the Bible together as a church. We want you to join us! Below are several options to get connected with the reading schedule. Let the Word of God start to change your life today!