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Pastor Josh looks at Mary Magdalene after the resurrection of Jesus and highlights our need to know whom it is we are seeking, and once we encounter Jesus, we become witnesses to those around us of what He has done in our lives!


Truth in Love

We as the church are called to maturity – to grow up to share Truth and Love hand in hand. Truth without love is brutality, but love without truth is hypocrisy. We’re only ready to release truth when the outcome is for building up! Grace without truth would be deceitful, …


Led by the Spirit

Pastor Elizabeth teaches about how our souls (made of our mind, will and emotions) need God. Our minds have to be renewed by the Word of God; our Will is exchanging our desires for those of our Heavenly Father, and our emotions are lined up with anointed worship music (which …


Equipped to Thrive

Paul, in Second Timothy, tells us that we as Christians are fully equipped – fully decked-out – because of the Word of God. We see good examples of this in soldiers. athletes, and farmers.


Courage that Changes Culture

Daniel had the courage to serve God no matter what the circumstances. As a result, his faith changed the culture of the land! We need to choose encounter over the crowd, courage over comfort and to know that courage is contagious. Before the sermon, Moses shares his powerful testimony about …


Created for Encounter

Tucked into the story of Jairus, (Luke 8:40-48) we read about a woman who had a miraculous encounter with Jesus. Pastor Josh digs into the difference between being in the crowd and a personal encounter with Jesus and how we should not be like the Israelites in Exodus by ‘standing …

Get Unstuck Sermon

Get Unstuck – It Ends with Me

God wants us to live in freedom – from sin, iniquity, even spiritual death. Getting at the source of the issues roots out the bondage – some of which can be imposed on us from those before us. But God offers forgiveness through Jesus, salvation and replacement of the lies …


Genuine Fellowship

Why do we go to some of the places we go to? The ER? Auto Mechanic? Church? Our purpose directly affects the outcome. God desires genuine fellowship with His people. In 1 John 1, we learn that we can (and need to) walk in the Light (Jesus). If we are …


Steward the Sign

Skipping around in 1st Kings 16-18, Pastor Josh uses the story of Elijah and the drought in the time of Ahab to make these points: Prayer is key to the fulfillment of the promise; Take another look (but be very careful who’s voice your allow in the midst of ‘nothing’); …