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Get Unstuck Sermon

Get Unstuck – It Ends with Me

God wants us to live in freedom – from sin, iniquity, even spiritual death. Getting at the source of the issues roots out the bondage – some of which can be imposed on us from those before us. But God offers forgiveness through Jesus, salvation and replacement of the lies …


Genuine Fellowship

Why do we go to some of the places we go to? The ER? Auto Mechanic? Church? Our purpose directly affects the outcome. God desires genuine fellowship with His people. In 1 John 1, we learn that we can (and need to) walk in the Light (Jesus). If we are …


Steward the Sign

Skipping around in 1st Kings 16-18, Pastor Josh uses the story of Elijah and the drought in the time of Ahab to make these points: Prayer is key to the fulfillment of the promise; Take another look (but be very careful who’s voice your allow in the midst of ‘nothing’); …


Are you an Owner or a Steward?

After a Word from the Lord, and a prayer for our government, our nation and the church (and a special prayer for a loved one), Pastor Josh draws points around seizing opportunities, being found faithful, and that we are to worship God!


The Prophetic

In an effort to equip the church with Operational Truth, Pastor Josh uses scripture to show how we should value, desire and discern the prophetic. Also looked at is the difference between the office of the prophet and the spiritual gift of prophecy. Using scriptures from: Ephesians 4:11-16; Acts 2:17; …


Arise, Shine – Nothing is Hidden

Using passages from Isaiah 60 and Luke 8:16-21, Pastor Josh highlights how we as Christians are not to hide the secret of Jesus, but rather to share that Light with those around us – especially as the world gets covered in darkness. — A timely message in these crazy times!

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Draw Near, Hold Fast, Gather Together

In Hebrews 10:19-25, the author says ‘let us draw near, let us hold fast and let us gather together’.  With boldness, we can come in to the presence of the Living God — because of the blood of Jesus, we are welcome in His presence!  To avoid drifting in our spiritual walk, we need to be anchored to Jesus and His Word. As we gather, we should be considering others – to excite, provoke one another to do good works!

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Advent 2020 Sermon

Joy (and a Testimony)

Kevin Dutra shares several powerful testimonies of God’s hand delivering him from drugs, gangs, and death! Then Pastor Josh used 1 Peter 1:3-9 to speak on the Advent topic of Joy.

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